Economic Disaster Loan Advisory Services

Did you receive a loan from the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) and now you want to ask for loan forgiveness?

You and your company must be existing clients of our firm for us to provide any advisory services.  If you wish to become a client of our firm please contact:

Kevin Conner on 917.860.1425 or email:

The advisory services that we anticipate we will provide are based upon our current understanding of the current rules and regulations applicable to the PPP, as set forth in the recently passed CARES Act.

All of the provisions in the CARES Act including the PPP Loan Forgiveness Provisions are subject to further interpretation and clarification (a/k/a “significant unexpected changes”) as regulations and guidance are issued by various government agencies, including the SBA.

Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Advisory

Advisory services to help you complete the PPP loan forgiveness package.

Advising Business Owners through the CARES Act Loan Process

Under the Program guidelines currently in place, we anticipate we will provide advisory services to help you in understanding the relevant aspect of the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (“EIDL”) or any state/local loan programs.

There are numerous factors that can increase the complexity of the application including matters such as whether you and your company are considered part of an Affiliated Group, whether you and your company have any non-U.S. based employees, and whether you and your company may qualify for any exceptions to the 500 employee level during 2019, etc.

You and your company will be required to select a qualified SBA lender or in certain circumstances you and your company may use an Agent to assist with securing loan proceeds under these various Programs.

Conner & Associates nor any of its affiliates are not acting as Agents, as defined under the PPP guidelines.

If you decide to retain us, subject to a signed engagement letter and a paid retainer, it will be your sole and express responsibility to submit your application(s) and/or any required supporting documentation to any lender.

Our engagement, if accepted by both you and our firm, is in no way a direct, indirect nor implied guarantee that your loan package will be accepted by an SBA participating lender and/or any other state/local government agencies.

It is in no way a guarantee that any lender and/or any other state/local government agencies will approve the package or close a loan. We cannot guarantee that you and your company will be qualified for loan forgiveness.  The decision is at the sole discretion of an SBA participating lender.

Our fees are not contingent on you and your company obtaining an approval of your loan package, on successfully closing a loan under the PPP program or receiving loan forgiveness.

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